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Shaq BlackJack
It’s a traditional game of Blackjack, live cards out of the shoe and the Player has full control of the game from their own user-friendly gaming station. Virtually an unlimited number of Players are able to play from a single Dealer station. 

The Shaq brand lends fun, excitement and a colorful motif to this game of ’21’. But it’s all serious technology from there! A live streaming Dealer-cam captures the card action as it occurs and delivers that video real-time to each gaming station. The Shaq Blackjack player terminals and Dealer station are fully network capable and can be deployed in any location supported by the client network. ​
and take all of the traditional actions including Double Down, Split, Insurance and Surrender. No intimidation here, just a good time for Players to make their own decisions and play the game the way they want to. 

Promotions really do run well once Shaq starts his run across each game station. And when he stops at a specific game, you can bet someone is an instant winner. 

Tournaments have never been easier to administer. Simply define the tournament period and the game stations to participate, then use our mobile computer to swipe-in Players and award their starting credits. Regular players and Tournament players can actually play simultaneously.

The computer-assisted Dealer station is extremely easy to use. All Dealer actions are directed by the touchscreen programming. This results in a number of benefits including ease of training, ability to use entertainers/celebrities/DJs as Dealers and overall accuracy of card delivery and game rules.

The real fun occurs at the Player stations. The Player can pick from one of three hands they want to play, make their bet electronically
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