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Live Baccarat
What is DGS Live Baccarat?

Baccarat is a patent pending technology in table game play offered by DGS. It is a baccarat gaming system in a player terminal. A live Baccarat game is broadcast to the screen as the player plays the game. There are two screens so a player may play more than one table at a time. 

Dynamic Gaming Systems Baccarat provides a way for multiple players to interact and play baccarat with a live dealer, and automatically keeps track of customer play on the display screen. A built-in touch screen keeps track of play, providing a vastly improved rating process, similar to a slot machine.
What is DGS Live Baccarat?
• Player sits at the player terminal and inserts cash or tickets.

• Player terminal shows live dealer at baccarat table.

• Touch screen enables player to select one or two tables to play.

• Player places his/her bet.

• Dealer closes bets, then deals cards.

• Game results are recorded and reported to player. Results are also captured simultaneously
  and recorded for table rating program.
DGS Baccarat Benefits
With the Asian gaming market continuing to increase, DGS Baccarat is a cost-effective solution to accommodate more baccarat players. DGS Baccarat eliminates wait time and allows players to play multiple games in less time.

Increase Play
Multiple players can play simultaneously at one table with Live Baccarat. During a shuffle players can transition from one game to another, eliminating downtime.

Increase Casino Win
Because players are able to play two tables simultaneously, revenue per machine can increase.

Staffing Flexibility
Additional Benefits
With payouts done electronically, dealer payout errors are
eliminated. The time involved in the take and pay process is
also eliminated, resulting in a faster game.

Automatic Play Tracking
Hosts can view a more accurate and instant account of their
player. Details on wins, losses, and total play time of every
player allow the host to service each player based on their

Fits Any Configuration
DGS Baccarat terminals can be adapted to your
available space and operating system. They can
be installed in VIP rooms, around a noodle bar or
on the gaming floor in a variety of configurations
including customized areas with rotating messages.
To learn more, call 1.877.437.9115 or email us