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Dynamic BlackJack
All of the same great features found in our popular Shaq Blackjack game! Dynamic Blackjack opens up an entirely new demographic to experience the fun and excitement of a live blackjack game while sitting at their own comfortable Player station.  

Live Dealer Technology
• Real cards, real-time, live out of the shoe
• Unlimited number of Player stations
• Players' choice of multiple hands
• Live dealer video streamed to Player stations
• Ease of operation, learn to deal game in minutes 
To learn more, call 1.877.437.9115 or email us
Unlimited Configuration Potential
• The Dealer station can be local to the games or remote within network
• Ability for one Dealer station to serve multiple properties
• Player stations can be grouped together or in multiple locations 

With Live Dealer technology, you can design the configuration that best fits your available space.
Revolutionary Gaming Features
• True Player ratings instead of estimates
• Tremendous marketing opportunities
• Unique Promotional features
• Tournaments fully supported
• Mobile/handheld computer capabilities
• iGaming options